Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Forest 2201 Reviews

Some early comments on shaving forums:


Just got one of your twin band brushes and I have to say it is fantastic.

This one of the best brushes I have owned. No it isn’t a Rooney “Finest”. But it is damn close.

Fantastic quality for a stupidly low price.

Anybody who needs a good soap brush at a bargain basement just found it"

" It is a very good face latherer and an all round brilliant brush for the price."

This 2201 is absolutely the best bang for the buck...get one!"

" This is a sweet brush, very nicely done and a steal for the money one pays for it."

" Superb little brush with genuinely strong backbone and soft tips."

And a review on The Shaving Room Forum:

New Forest 2201

And Badger and Blade

New Forest 2201

These threads contain some really constructive feedback which I will assess fully before introducing new brushes. Indeed when I have sold out my stocks of the 2201 I will consider modifying my specification in the light of comments made. New Forest Brushes will listen to customers! And learn fast.

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