Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We live and learn!

I have always preferred to be open with people in all my professional and business dealings. And to be prepared to admit mistakes.

I made my decision to go ahead with my brushes having tested samples of a fan shaped brush. When confirming my order, I asked my manufacturer to produce a slightly flatter fan shaped head. I assumed the backbone of such a brush would be similar and since my manufacturer didn't advise me to test a sample of the new shape, assumed all would be well.

The difference in shape may be small, but it has completely altered the backbone of the brushes. I should have asked for a sample of the new brush shape to test myself. My manufacturer should have advised me to do this as well. So we have both messed up. And I have told him so. This photo shows the difference after use between the flatter fan shaped brushes I have received and the more rounded fan shape I had tested myself.

So where do I go from here? There is no doubt that the High Mountain hair is wonderfully soft, but it must be made in a shape, loft and density that will suit the modern shaving enthusiast who wants a versatile brush with adequate backbone to be a pleasure to use in a variety of ways.

So I am having more samples made using a more rounded fan shape (my earlier sample)
And I will also test a bulb shape version. So that's how things stand for now.

Meanwhile, I have some lovely brushes that will suit people who do not share the enthusiasm for today's stiffer brushes. I would describe the brushes as somewhere between an Edwin Jagger Silvertip, Edwin Jagger Super and a Kent BK4. These are all what I would describe as soft, floppy brushes.Others may more kindly call them more flexible. Take your pick.  They obviously have a following.

I'll use my brush for a few days before deciding what to do. I may get to like it! At least I will learn the best way to use it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Forest High Mountain Badger 2221


The brushes arrived today. I very much regret to say that the brushes do not comply with my requirements. They are very well made, delightfully soft, but do not match the density and backbone of my sample brushes.

I will be discussing the way forward with my manufacturer. I am disappointed about this and regret that I have no alternative at present to putting the launch of the brushes on hold.

I will post further information when I have anything to report.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Forest Brushes - number system

I'm numbering brushes as follows:

First two numbers - Knot size eg. 22 for 22 mm.
Third number       - Hair grade  0 Super Badger Two Band
                                              1 Finest Silvertip
                                              2 High Mountain Badger
Fourth number      - unique number within category for each type of brush.