Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Forest High Mountain Badger 2221


This is the last of the New Forest brushes to be made competely by hand in China. All new brushes will have handles made in the New Forest in the old traditional way using hand tools to shape the handle on a lathe.
The hair used in the making of these brushes comes from a rare species of badger found only in remote mountain areas of China. It is amazingly soft and provides a luxurious shaving experience.

 The knot is 22 mm and has a loft of 47 mm and the handle height is approximately 50 mm.

The price of this brush is £45 including worldwide delivery. No other brush with this hair quality is remotely near this price.

Payment of £45 is by paypal to It will be shipped within one working day.


Here are the first impressions of some of my early customers!

Neil said:

"Oh man...the NF High Mountain is one fantastic brush! It must be said, it is FINE for facelathering hard soaps (MWF, Harris, Speick, Valobra etc), no problem at all. Just load the brush for a wee bit longer than with a stiffer brush. This thing is just pure luxury! The only problem is that it creates lather so fast, I don't need to keep swirling it on my face even though I want to! For the price of this brush, compared to $450 for a comparable Plisson, it MUST be considered for the "deal of the century" award!

Some others:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Forest Brushes - Simply the best value brushes for your money

New Forest Brushes are available in the three highest grades of badger hair: Super Badger Two Band, Finest Silvertip and the rare High Mountain Badger. At prices way below similar quality brushes.


Because New Forest Brushes is a very small business. Brushes are hand made and sold direct to enthusiasts on a scale that requires minimal overheads, low operating costs and no VAT or sales tax.

A small and growing range of brushes is now being developed. New, more colourful materials are gradually being added. Keep an eye on this blog to follow developments.

Small batches of brushes are now being made in my New Forest workshop. They sell out quickly.

How the brushes are made

The brush heads are hand made in China by a manufacturer that has been in business for over 20 years. Workers are expected to train for three months before making knots with lower grades of synthetic materials, boar and pure badger hair. After a year or more they have to pass a rigorous test before being allowed to make brush heads with the highest grades of hair used exclusively by New Forest Brushes.

Handles are now made by hand in the New Forest, England. Handles are shaped on a lathe using traditional hand tools. So each brush handle is unique because although similar, there will always be slight variations - the hallmark of genuine hand made shaving brushes.

A variety of high quality cast polyester resin materials are to be used in the making of handles, including natural looking ivory, ebony, bone, horn, tortoiseshell and alpalina.